Monday, May 16, 2011

New samples, help needed!

My Serge Lutens samples
Looking at the tag cloud to the right one might assume that I'm really really crazy about Serge Lutens. Well, they have many memorable scents and they tell a story like nothing I've encountered before. But there isn't much more to them, for me.

Before I started this blog I was on a 9 months perfume break as I wanted to create an environment as natural as possible for my infant daughter. And before that I was pregnant, and everything smelled horrible. But now, I wanted to restart my perfume life and decided to get some samples from The Perfumed Court. I had an older Serge Lutens sample that I really liked so I wanted to try more from them. I figured I'd get something like 5 samples. But when I started looking which ones to get, both my kids were sick and literally climbing on me, screaming whenever I sat down by the computer. It was impossible o read up and make a decent choice. So when I saw that you could get all 24 non-exports Serge Lutens in a sampler pack, I just ran for it, thinking I might never have another opportunity to score samples (having kids is certainly helping me to live in the moment :)  )

In retrospect, getting all 24 was a smart thing to do. I'm finding that I love some scents that I didn't think I'd do (i.e. Tubereuse Criminelle), and there are some I thought I'd like but didn't (i.e. Un Bois Sepia, Mandarin mandarine).

But, now I'm more than half way through the samples and, like the true perfume junkie I am, I need to get some more. The "getting several samples from one producer"-strategy seems to be working for me, so I've been thinking about who should be next.  One idea is getting the Jayne Ormonde Discovery Set. Tauer has a sampler set and there is Aftelier, pricy but I'm very curious about their scents. Or is there anyone else? I'd love to get some ideas and recommendations!


  1. The Different Company has a sampler set (I got mine a few years ago and the samples were all doubled).
    Also Histoires de Parfums and MDCI have a sampler set (although I think you choose for MDCI).
    Tauer is a good one to get.

  2. Thank You Ines! These all seem to be very interesting companies :)

  3. I thought Ineke was pretty interesting, and Ormond Jayne. What about Sonoma Scent Studio? For myself, I'd like to sample all the Amouages, but even as sample's they're awfully pricey.

  4. Thanks! Ineke I hadn't heard of before, when I looked them up on the net I found out that they have a Swedish distributor that carries the samples! This must be a sign :)

  5. Ormonde Jayne, in my mind, is a perfect subjuct for the next targeted perfume journey. I like most of her perfumes (including those designated as masculine). And the set itself is just fabulous.

    Ineke, already mentioned above, has a great and inexpensive discovery set, but I'm not sure how much it'll cost to ship it to you.

    For more mainstream brands, how about Chanel les Exclusiffs collection?

  6. Thanks! I am very curious about Ormonde Jayne and I have a very vague idea about the Chanels so they might be good to try. Unfortunately I'm kind of broke right now, so all purchases have to wait until next month :(

  7. Orkar inte skriva engelska, men ett tips bara: om du ska köpa Ineke, köp INTE från Slowfashion, deras fraktkostnad är helt löjligt dyr. Kolla på t ex istället, om du inte redan gjort det. Där finns även ett par andra sample sets för billig penning, t ex på Acqua di Parmas Blu-serie (rekommenderas särskilt Cipresso di Toscana som är to die for)

  8. Kollar på nu, 59 spänn för Aqua di Parma-setet är ju nästan ingenting. Och Penhaligon finns också i samplepack. Fattar inte att jag itne hittat den siten tidigare. Jättetack för tipset!