Monday, July 18, 2011

Demeter Celery

Today I'm going to blog about a fragrance I consider to be a great addition to any summer fragrance wardrobe. You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I'm talking about Celery from Demeter Fragrance Library.

As most of the Demeters it smells exactly like it says on the bottle, solely and purely as freshly cut celery. Its green and sharp. I wouldn't call it fresh, there is a funky, almost salty note to it, but its crisp and edgy and cuts like a knife through warm, stale summer air. Demeters are not known for quality and long lasting fragrances and Celery is no exception. I find that Celery stays for about an hour, but then again, maybe you don't want to smell like celery forever?

Celery can be worn on it's own, but it's great to layer. To me, this is my new bergamot. Of course the scent is nothing like bergamot, but it goes with nearly everything, adding freshness and a zap of energy wherever applied. As an example, I've tried using it  over Demeter "Fig Leaf". "Fig Leaf", contrary to it's name, does not contain any hints of leaves. In my opinion it really ought to be named "Figgy Smelling Sun Tan Lotion". Its very sweet and foody, mostly smelling of coconut, but when Celery is applied over it, it becomes true to it's name.

Another Demeter, "Dirt", also benefits from Celery. Dirt is a classic, the forerunner to the whole CB I Hate Perfume soil accord. Dirt can be gorgeous but I have a skin chemistry issue with it. On me it goes way too sweet, smelling like limpid beet roots that are bordering on going bad. It makes me think of those brown worms that come crawling out after raining. Again, Celery comes to the rescue, adding sharpness and focus to the whole thing, making it wearable.

And when one browses all the Demeter titles there is really no end to layering experiments to try out. Maybe one should get "Tomato" and "Cucumber" and become a green salad?

So, I'm rating Celery 4 out of 5. There is nothing "haute" about it, but it's a fun scent, great for people like me that love to play around with scents, layering and experimenting.


  1. *applauds* you for the fact that you now made me want to smell like celery, no mean feat I must add. I'll be keeping my eyes open for this one. Thanks for a great review!

  2. Thanks :) Celery a great scent note really, a lot more wearable than one might think. I'm a bit surprised that it's not used more.

  3. I've been curious about Demeter's Celery for some time, just because I find the smell of celery quite interesting. Have you compared it with Odeur 71 from Comme des Garcons? I find that one to smell a bit like celery as well.
    Anyway, funny you also mention their Tomato because I've read good stuff about that one but not tried it yet. I bought their "Funeral Home" as a gift to a friend who recently began a job at Fonus *LOL*, actually it was quite interesting, lots of white flowers with a strange dryness to it.

  4. I haven't tried Odeur 71, but I have to try it if it's anything like celery :) Talking about green vegetables, right now I'm trying Shiso by Aftelier Perfumes, have you tried that one? It's supposed to have green peppers in it, but I'm getting dead on "sura colanappar" on expensive, slightly smoky, wood. It's awsome, but it will be very hard to review in English :)

  5. "Sour coke naps", how hard can it be? :) Green peppers sounds awesome as a fragrance. But I haven't tried Aftelier's Shiso, although I know from other of her fragrances, and from "natural fragrances" in general, that they tend to have unique smells that does not necessarily correspond with the suggested notes. I guess it has to do with the natural derived absolutes?
    Anyhow. I am looking forward to eventually read a review on that one here at you blog!

  6. Hehe, that's right :) That review should be up with in a week.