Friday, January 6, 2012

Back in blog + organizing samples

Finally, finally, FINALLY, my Internet at home is up and running. Yay! We moved a month ago to our new house and since then everything has been crazy but hopefully things will start shape up and get more organized from now on.

And, as I'm mentioneing getting organized, just look what my husband got me for X-mas:

I've been keepin all my samples in a plastic bag that just has been getting fuller and fuller, to the point where I was worrying about samples getting crushed just by me handling the bag (blushing). But no more of that, this is how I'm about to organize my samples from now on. I'm starting out doing one manufacturer per drawer and when all the drawers are "taken" I'll either try to use something up or, if that feels like an impossible option, I'll be getting a new set of drawers.

These things are originally meant to carry items such as nuts, bolts and nails and can be bought at the Swedish DIY store Claes Olsson for around 25 USD. Neato!


  1. Wohoo äntligen!
    Överväger helt klart ditt smarta alternativ på sampleförvaring. Kör själv skokartonger, för både prover och flaskor, och det är inte särskilt överskådligt/snyggt/praktiskt...

  2. Jag tycker att det funkar bra, speciellt överskådligheten är otroligt mycket bättre än innan. Enda molnet på himlen är att 1ml-rören precis INTE får plats att stå upp i de minsta lådorna som man skulle vilja, så jag har dem liggande => större risk för läckage. Men det verkar finnas lite olika modeller så det borde gå att hitta nån som är optimal.

  3. Very nice. I need to come up with a better system for samples, too. Decants aren't a problem, but all of those tiny little samples tend to get jumbled in a pile. Also, I have a tendency to accumulate samples in odd spots of the house, where I deposit them thinking, I'll put them back in the bag later, but for now they can rest in this teacup on my drysink, etc. Whereas a decant or regular bottle demands to be put in its place, these sample vials are easy to ignore ... and then lose.

    Hope your move into your new home went well, Sigrun. Welcome back to the blogosphere!

  4. Welcome back! I hope other than the internet struggles, everything went smoothly and you are settled in.

  5. Suzanne, thank you :) The move went good, of course it was a lot of work and I'm anticipating many upcoming trips to IKEA, but I'm very happy about the house. It has a very friendly athmosphere somehow and the kids seem happier now with more space to play in.

    I can relate to samples ending up in all sorts of places, mine are a bit like that as well. We'll see if they stay organized in their new place now or if it's just a false comfort thing...

  6. Anotherperfumeblog, thank you too! Yes, we're getting more settled in by the day. Today I organized my cookbook collection and it's such a relief to finally have space for my stuff :)

  7. With a delay, but "welcome back!" from me too.
    Are you enjoying your new place? Have you unpacked completely already?

  8. Thank you :) Yes, we're enjoying the house very much. The kitchen is much more convenient than the one in our old apartment and I love having the extra space, such a luxury! We have done most of the unpacking but I guess there always will be a few boxes that will just stay unopened, probably forever...

  9. Yeah, it took us more than a year to unpack the last box.

    Anyway, enjoy your new place!