Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spring Scent Experiment, part 3

Anyone who's not familiar with my Spring scent experiment can read up in these blog posts: Spring Scent Experiment 1 and Spring scent experiment 2

I've now managed to create a alcohol based blend that's actually not that stinky. It took a while getting it right and I wouldn't say it's deep and mesmerizing in any way, but at least it's not painful to inhale.

I used the following:
5 ml strawberry greens extract
1 ml rowanblossom extract
5 drops of vanilla extract

The result is something that smells a bit like strawberry white chocolate. The strawberry greens smell of, well, strawberries, the vanilla is barely detectable and the rowanblossoms add weight and oiliness, thus creating a scent vision of strawberry white chocolate.

So now I am thinking, what should I use it for? A problem is that it's weak, it's difficult to feel a thing unless you're sniffing it directly from the cup. If I rub some in I don't feel much after the initial minutes. I thought about getting a soap making hobby kit and pour it into soaps, but when reading on the internet it seems like you're supposed to have an oil based blend to do that. So, now I'm a bit at loss with what I should do with my creation. Pour it into my perfume free deodorant, maybe? That one at least I'm pretty sure is alcohol based.

This was my first try, I just wish I had more stuff to blend from, with a proper library of scents, I would have so much fun! And I've ordered Mandy Aftels "Essence and Alchemy" so if anyone has felt alarmed by my approach to things, just breathe calmly and relax, everything will be just fine.


  1. Well, so much for Rowan Blossom Experiment X. I see many good and fruitful experiments in your future (for I am a soothsayer of scent), and I'm looking forward to your exploits!

  2. That sounds great :) If nothing else, this has wet my apetite for scent experimentation.

  3. What fun! How about heating it up? What happens then?

  4. An interesting point! The alcohol will go away if I boil it for long enough. I don't know what it will do to the other notes. Maybe everything will get more concentrated or maybe the other notes will break down. I have to try to find out.