Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cucumbers and horses - "Celadon, a Velvet Green" from DSH Perfumes

It's nothing new that I've been seriously into vegetable notes this summer and the first time I saw DSHs website I was in awe. So many perfumes, so many with vegetable notes in them. Where to start? What do I want? I went for cucumber.

Now, most people that have perfumes as a hobby know that what you get is not always what you had expected. With "Celadon, a Velvet Green" I had zoomed in on the cucumber note and somehow managed to ignore all the others. I was expecting something light, aquatic, green and fresh but what I got was completely different. Look at the picture below, I got that! Well, everything except the horse, that is.

Celadon took me back in time to when I was maybe 8 years old. All my friends went to riding school and the conversation topics that mattered was gossip from the stable; what horse was the cutest one, who would get to ride what horse during the next couple of lessons, that type of stuff. I badly wanted to attend riding school, but no. My dad is a plastic surgeon and he had met more horseback riders than you'd like to know - on the operating table trying to reconstruct various parts of their bodies after being kicked or fallen off. So this was a very "No Discussion"-type of no. But a girl can dream... I read books about horses, read magazines about horses and watched horseback riding shows on tv, thinking, one day, I'd wear one of those stylish riding outfits, have a horse of my horse and we'd be best friends forever.

Celadon is the scent representation of my childhood dream of a horse. There are two sides of this scent, one is green, containing clover, grass and lots of hay, complete with that slightly sour note that it tends to get by laying around in damp environments. All the stuff I'd be happily feeding my little horsie, the two of us hanging out in the barnyard. The other side is soft vanilla/tonka. Sometimes it's a dreamy marshmallow cloud to dwell in. Sometimes I get fabric softener, like riding outfits smell in fantasy land where no one ever has to clean out the stables or get horse sweat all over you.

Now, me and vanilla "are in a relationship and it's complicated", as you see on Facebook sometimes. There are some scents in which I like it, but in this one it's brushing me the wrong way. The green side of Celadon I like though. And I admire how it brings up memories that I thought I'd forgotten all about. Who needs a shrink when you have a perfume blog?

And, did I ever get that horse? No, it was not meant to be. Some years later my parents actually encouraged me to try horseback riding. At that time they probably had realised that one of the most likely pastime I'd chose would involve beer and boys with motorcycles. By then, horses had lost their appeal.

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Top notes: Clover Leaf, Cucumber, Lime Peel
Middle notes: Green Grass, Liatrix, Orris Root
Base notes:Balsam Fir, Hay absolute, Narcissus Absolute, Tonka Bean, Violet Leaf Absolute


This sample was sent to me.


  1. Åh, det lät verkligen bra i början. Jag har ridit och jag älskar lukten av hö, varm häst och läder. Men jag har ingen önskan att kombinera de lukterna med vanilj.

  2. Jag hade helst också bara haft den gröna sidan, men men...

    Idag hade jag iallafall en doft som är helt fantastisk om man gillar läder och stall, Bandit, av Robert Piguet. Den kan jag rekommendera :)

  3. Har precis tagit slut på mitt prov av Bandit och funderar på om jag ska köpa ett nytt prov eller kosta på mig lite mer. Så den är en riktigt bra rekommendation :)

  4. omg, I love this review, mostly because I can relate to it. I actually did ride horses when I was young, but I never stayed with it. My mother has owned several horses in her lifetime, and I practically grew up hanging out in a horse barn. Some of the happiest memories I have are from being there. The gaze of a horse cuts right through all the pretense, all that's left is pure, true communication. You know in two minutes if a horse likes you or not.

  5. Thanks! I feel most animals are like that, there is really no need to be anyone but yourself. I'm just waiting for that someone comes up with "animal therapy", you just hang around with different animals, and feel better afterwads :)