Friday, September 16, 2011

Cuir et Champignon by DSH Perfumes - and a DRAW!!!

(Yes, I'm reusing this image, here is a reason for that, hang on and you'll see why!)

Lets do a bit of fantasy role play. Imagine it's a cool autumn day. You live somewhere in rural Britain where you're the lord or lady of a huge manor. Every now and then you saddle your fastest white stallion and take him for a ride to inspect your vast properties. As you gallop through the woods and over the fields you notice how the weather is getting colder by the day, soon holiday season will be here. After the ride you relax into your old leather armchair in front of the fireplace. Your butler brings you a cup of tea, a piece of gingerbread and your favorite pipe, stuffed just the way you want. He should know, after all his family has been serving yours for more than 3 generations.

These are the vibes I'm getting from "Cuir et Champignon". It starts out smoky in a big way. In the very beginning I'm getting salami, black pepper, smoked meats and animal. After half an hour CetC calms down into one of the nicest leather interpretations I've smelled, ever. I'm getting saddles and halters. The leather is just my type of leather, there is none of the cloyingness of Cuir Mauresque nor the perversity of Bandit (which I do love, but I couldn't wear it every day). It's comfy and wearable and perfectly accompanied by warm spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. I also get wood and tobacco. The mushroom note does not stand out to me, but it's noticeable if you know it's there and it aids the general feeling of autumn.

In my last review I also wrote about a fragrance with mushroom notes, namely Aftelier Perfumes "Cepes and Tuberose". If I was to compare that one to CetC, "Cepes and Tuberose" happens on a sunny day in September while CetC takes place on a chilly day, late in November.

And what was that thing about the reused picture? Well, I did use it 2 weeks ago when I reviewing "Celadon - a Velvet Green", also from DSH Perfumes. In that post I described how Celadon took me back in time to when I was 8 years old, dreaming of a horse. Celadon had all the elements of that dream, well, everything except the actual horse. Therefore I was utterly astonished when I tried CetC and it turned out to be a another horse riding experience in a bottle. This one mirrored my adult fantasy of a life where horseback riding is an integral part. Totally different but still the same things from two different periods in my life.

And now to the really good news. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, perfumes and founder of DSH Perfumes, has been incredibly generous and sent me extra samples of both "Celadon - a Velvet Green" and "Cuir et Champignon" and they can become yours!!! All you have to do is comment on this blog post before Tuesday, September 20 and I'll announce the lucky winner sometime towards the end of next week. You may live anywhere in the world and I will not be responsible to damage or loss caused by the postal services. Don't miss this chance, these are great fragrances for fall!

Official Notes for Cuir et Champignon:
Top notes: Bergamot, Clary, Sage, Galbanum, Neroli, Wild Chamomile
Middle notes: Cepes (mushroom absolute), Clove Bud, Gardenia,Honey, Orris, Sandalwood, Tuberose Absolute
Base notes: Castoreum, Civet, Guiacwood, Hiba Cedarwood, Indonesian Vetiver, Leather, Peru Balsam, Tobacco Absolute

My samples were sent to me for review but they can also be bought on the DSHPerfumes website. They have a huge sale right now, don't miss it


  1. I'm so glad you got to try these, and enjoyed your thoughts! No need to enter me in the draw.

  2. I've already tried Celadon (and liked it a lot) and I'm very curious to try Cuir et Champignon - please enter me into the draw :)

    This isn't the first good review for the perfume, but yours reads very warm and ... cozy. True Autumn.

    ~ Undina ~

  3. I' ve been dying to try cuir et champignon (among many others of Dawn's perfumes)..please enter me in the draw

  4. I've heard such lovely things about Cuir et C, I really wonder what it smells like and would love to try it.

  5. anotherperfumeblog, yes, I find the DSH thatI've tried so far very interesting. Lots of real characters there :)

    Unfortunately I missed your wedding photos :( I've been busy taking care of sick kids and organizing birthdays so I'm way behind on my blog reads, but I trust you were stunning!

  6. undinaba, CetC is the perfect autumn, you're in the draw.

    Btw, I'm wearing Jo Malones Pear and Freesia today. I read your blog post and thought hmmmm, pear, that's not a note I've been giving a lot of attention, lets have a try :)

  7. Lavanya, I'm impressed with the amount of character each of Dawns scents possess. They are well worth trying. You're in the draw!

  8. Ines, I find it lovely. You're in the draw!

    Btw, I just places an order for more of the Aftelier essential oils, so soon there is nothing stopping me making some very innovative ice creams... :)

  9. The more I read about DSH, the more I want to try Dawn's perfumes (as I haven't had the pleasure yet)!! I've visited Dawn's website many times, but can never decide which to sample, there are so many I want to try!!

    I'd love to be entered into the draw :)
    My thanks

  10. Holly, I agree,there is a lot to choose from :) There are ready made sampler packs, there might be an idea to look at those if they have a general theme that you like.

    You're in the draw!