Saturday, November 5, 2011

Le Labo - Gaiac 10 + help needed with ideas about good workplace scents

As time goes by, I'm not on maternity leave anymore but I've started my new job now. The shift to everyday working life has been easy but there are things I haven't gotten used to yet. One of them is not being able to dab on perfune whenever I like. Where I work "strong perfumes and scented candles" are not allowed. I've even signed a paper saying that I acknowledge this. I think the scented candle part is hilarious. In order for them to mention it, there must have been a "scented candle incedent" at some point in the past. Just thinking abou this makes me smile. The perfume part of the deal, though, I've choosen to interpret this as it's ok that I wear scents that are discreet and do not have a big sillage.

My choice of work scent for the first week has been Le Labos Gaiac 10. It's a very nice, uncomplicated scent. It starts out woody. I don't know what real gaiac wood smells like, but the woody note I get from Gaiac 10 is a green one, it reminds me of a lighter take on cedar and I do get a hint of cumin to go with it that I haven't seen mentioned by anyone else. The wood stays for approximately 2 hours and after that there is a straight forward and skin hugging musk. The musk scent remains for hours and hours, I've put on Gaiac 10 before leaving in the morning at 7 a.m. and still being able to smell the musk when I've gotten home around 6 p.m.  It's listed as a masculine but I only find the beginning to be a tiny bit on the masculine side. The musk part feels very unisex.

As a work scent Gaiac 10 is a very good one. It stays close to the body so it's unlikely to annoy anyone. I only get it when sniffing my wrist directly and, to be honest, if any perfume foe at work would do that they will just have to live with getting whatever perfume I've choosen to wear...  Another thing about Gaiac 10 that I like is that the musk packs just enough dirtyness to keep itself interesting but not enough to make me feel all inappropriate.

I'll have to work, day in, day out, for many many years now. Therefore I'd love to get some ideas of other good workplace scents, discreet but not boring, please. Any ideas, anyone?



  1. Oh, I wish I could give you some. :( The problem is I don't have to worry about that at work so I can wear whatever I want.
    I think Vanilia by L'Artisan is pretty neutral and almost anything by JCE for Hermes.
    As winter approaches and more warm scents are in rotation, it gets harder to choose because they are stronger and have more sillage.
    Possibly some edts and colognes? Cologne du 68?

  2. Thanks for your ideas! I haven't tried any of the ones mentioned, but I have to check them out.

    A good thing, I realised, is that most of the perfumes I own are small 1 ml samples with a wand top (not sprays). Then I can to control how much goes on, so I'm able to dole out a tiny drop, just for myself :)

  3. I have a few suggestions. L'Artisan Traversee de Bosphore, SSS Champagne de Bois (but applied lightly), Hermes Vetiver Tonka, SL Iris Silver Mist. If you like it, the Elie Saab one. And I rely a lot on Chanel 19 for work.

  4. One of my favorite "discrete" scents is Citta di Kyoto. Exceptional longevity on a very tight leash. Acqua di Biella Ca' Luna is another one I feel very comfortable wearing when I have to "be careful". This on is like a more inventive Voyage d'Hermes (and it was released first).

  5. AnotherPerfumeBlog, thanks for your suggestions! I haven't gotten around trying SSS CetB yet, but I will very soon, hopefully tomorrow! And Iris Silver Mist is always a good one.

  6. MemoryOfScent, I first read about Citta di Kyoto on your blog a while back and I remember thinking that it sounded like a scent I'd love :) Acqua di Biella Ca' Luna I haven't heard of, but I'll make sure to check it out. Thanks for helping me out here!

  7. I also work in a place that has fragrance restrictions, maitre D in an upscale restaurant in Manhattan, I also am a huge fan of Gaiac 10 at work, you must try Vanille 44 as soon as possible. also a gaiac, incense theme, mellowed out by mandarin and the most natural, dry and complex vanilla, very transparent, minimal silage. great longevity. these are the only two scents that I wear to work.