About Me

My name is Sigrun, I'm Icelandic but I usually live in Stockholm in Sweden.

I've always been a bit obsessive with scents and flavours. Cooking and wine tasting are two passions of mine. Now I've got 2 little kids who are not very interested in food, and I promise you, taking care of kids when being slightly hang over from a wine tasting the night before just isn't worth it, so to satisfy my need for olfactory stimulation I'm getting into fragrance instead.

I'm rather new to the whole perfume thing, so bear with me if I haven't gotten it all figured out yet. Hopefully I'm getting there...

My reviews are based on my own sensations and may not be politically correct or what anyone else agrees with, but I love to write them, scents give me so much input and inspiration on all levels. Also I love comments and I'm looking forward to get to know others so don't be shy to tell me your opinions.