Sunday, April 17, 2011

Annick Goutal - Le Mimosa

This is the first Annick Goutal I've tried and I chose it because I was still mesmerized with the Summer By Kenzo,  blogged about my last post. I wasn't sure that I understood exactly what note was the mimosa one, so I figured that trying a perfume named "Le Mimosa" might help figure that out.

To me, this one started off with sweet ripe peaches, boilt in syrup. After a while I realised that there had been a vanilla bean in the syrup, or maybe the peaches were being served with vanilla ice cream. One of my favourite desserts!
Some 6 hours later, the peaches were gone and there was mostly powder left, with faint traces of vanilla and spun sugar. I never caught any florals, so the Mimosa is still a mystery to me.

Annick Goutal is an upscale perfumery house, often mentioned when talking about niche perfumery, so I had hight hopes for this one. Unfortunately I found it much lacking in complexity Great scent if you want to smell like a sweet little peach, but too one-dimensional for me, personally. I suppose I can layer it with other scents, perhaps a drop of vetivier to add base and some citrus to freshen it up? Hmmmm...

I'm rating this 3 out of 5. A pleasant little scent but nothing special to me.

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