Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Bois Violette" by Serge Lutens

In my last post I mentioned that "Bois Oriental" reminded me a lot of "Bois Violette", so today I decided to try on some "Bois Violette" to compare.

I got my first sample of "Bois Violette" in a swap with lovely InesStef at "All I Am - A Redhead" as a surprise extra. The Serge Lutens brand is not sold in Sweden, as far as I know, so I hadn't tried any of the perfumes before, but I was immediately hooked on this one. There was so much violet scent packed into those tiny drops, I could hardly believe my nose!

Wearing "Bios de Violette" makes me think of a day in the forest. The violet buds bursts early in the morning and release their scent, all sweet and juicy. Apart from violet I can detect curious notes of liquorice,  cough syrup, soap and a Swedish candy/breath freshener named Läkerol. Makes you wonder what kind of creatures roams the forest at night...

As the day goes on, sunbeams find their way down to the forest floor, drying the petals, making them drier and more brittle, weakening the flowers. But the sun also warms the trees and the forest floor, adding an aroma of wood and warm soil. A reminder that life goes on.

When I smelled "Bois de Violette" alongside "Bois Oriental" I could not believe that I'd ever thought they were anything alike! Where there might be a tiny note of violets in "Bois Oriental", it's mainly packed with everything else. Lots of vanilla, spiciness and musk/ambra. It makes me confused, I don't know where to start, it's just to much. I clearly prefer "Bois de Violette" that really is only about violets, with some supportive cast to make them shine.

If I'd say a person I think of when I wear "Bois de Violette" it would be Emily the Strange. The candy tones point at someone young and the rest to someone sharp witted and alternative. I'm rating "Bois de Violette" a 4 out of 5, my favourite Serge Lutens yet.


  1. Hi, I'm glad you told me about your post. :) And your blog somehow passed under my radar.
    Good to know you like Bois de Violette - I'm not a big fan myself (but then again, I rarely am when violets are concerned).
    I've been exchanging emails with a girl from Denmark and she told me that she can smell different types of liqourice in different perfumes (I didn't even know they come in different tastes...).

  2. Oh, I've only had the blog for 2 week or so. It's not strange that you haven't seen it!
    Liquorice candy has always been very popular here in Scandinavia, there are lots of different kinds. I'd gladly send over some if you'd like to try :)
    Lately it has also been popular to use liquorice in regular food as well among the gourmet restaurants here (i.e. put it in a sauce to serve over fish), but I haven't tried that yet myself.

  3. I LOVE Bois de Violette. I aminly smell a combination of cedar and violets, but the best of those two things in the world. Here's an old review I wrote: http://www.examiner.com/fragrance-in-philadelphia/bois-de-violette-by-serge-lutens-review It's definitely worth a rewrite.