Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Un Lys" by Serge Lutens

"Un Lys" means "A Lily" and that's exactly what this perfume is all about. The notes are powerful white lily, some greenery support and a soft vanilla base.

Now, as I mentioned in my previous post, lilies are not my favourites. In fact, it's the only flower (except some rotten flesh smelling meat eating ones) whose scent I'm not 100% comfortable with in RL. It's not that it's bad, it just tends to be very very much.

So, why do I insist on trying on a perfume I most likely will not like? I suppose I have this personality trait that I think I have to "be friends" with everyone. When things are not working out I just try a little bit harder, thinking maybe this time it will be different. Until I give up. Or, to rephrase in a more upbeat way; I'll try everything once.

Now, "was it any different this time?". No. The first blast of lily nearly knocked me out. Seriously, it did give me a headache and I did feel nauseous from it. I think there is something in there that I'm allergic to. I got gasoline spiked white flowers, in the same manner that some Riesling wines have petrolium notes. Yuk. But my neighbour absolutely loved it, she said it was the most adorable thing she'd smelled in a long time, so chances are, it's just me. When the lily finally faded away some hours later this perfume grew on me. I'm not that found of vanilla either (to many bad room freshener experiences) but this was good vanilla. Rich, creamy, velvety and luscious. Like swimming in good quality panna cotta.

So, I'm rating this one a 2. If you love lilies it's probably as close to heaven as you're likely to get, but for me, another miss.

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