Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Bois et Fruits" by Serge Lutens

This one took me completely by suprise and made me smile. The first top note is dead on identical to the scent of the Swedish candy "geléhallon" (direct translation to English: jelly raspberries, see picture above). However, if one puts on a drop or two too many, that first note is tranferred into "Alvedon mixtur för barn med smak av skogsbär". "Alvedon" is my first medicin of choice for reducing fever and pain for my kids. A thick syrop, massively scented with artificial forest fruit aroma to hide the medicine flavour.

Don't worry though, this initial burst artificialness only lasts for about half an hour. Then the notes settle down into a somewhat more integrated composision. The "bois" part is the same as for the other Serge Lutes "boises", most notably warm cedar and forest floor on a sunny day. Among the fruits I pick out sweet and sticky blackberry jam, quinces, apricots, raisins and figs.

I'm completely in love with this one. The way the sweet fruit blends in with the wood notes is very sensual and works great on my skin. Also, the fact that I tried "Bois et Fruits" during Easter made the geléhallon note extra appropriate. Swedish people consume a lot of candy, 17 kg per person per year That's more than twice then what the average EU citizen eats, and 20% of all that candy is consumed around Easter time (source: DN). So if there is one time a year when to smell like candy, this is it!

I'm rating "Bois et Fruits" 5 out of 5. A little to playful for an everyday scent but perfect for a long weekend mostly spent playing games with the kids in the sun and catching up with famliy and friends.

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