Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer By Kenzo

Finally, first scent in this blog that I'm actually positive about! Summer By Kenzo opens up with some rather sharp citrus tones. There are lemon and limes in there and not the juicy fruity type, but zesty sharpness and a feel of astringency.

When that initial sharpness disappears more flowers emerge. To me this perfume has a feeling of dandelions (that astringency again) and honeysuckle about it. Not the sweet honey dripping kind of honeysuckle you tend to encounter in other perfumes, but a greener and more realistic kind. Like they really smell in real life.

But there are more flower notes in there! I cheated and looked up this fragrance at and apparently the main flower note is Mimosa. I'd never heard of it, but in Swedish it's called Sensitiva. Apparently, this is what it looks like, according to Wikipedia:

To me, this is a perfect spring scent. Why Kenzo calls it summer I do not understand. Citrus, astringency and small, not overly sweet, flowers point towards spring to me. Also, it's on the shyer side, not acting up but more anticipating things to come, which I also associate with spring. But anyway, it's a great scent that I enjoy wearing.

I'm giving it a 4 out of 5 rating.

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