Monday, April 18, 2011

CB I Hate Perfume - In the Summer Kitchen

Imagine a beautiful, young, Italian mother in a 50-ies movie. She is cooking a lot and working hard to take care of her big family. This is what I imagine she would smell like.

The most distinctive note is a light, unobtrusive, smokiness. I think it stands out to me because I normally don't wear smoky perfumes. I also come to think of a pot of Italian soup, full of green herbs and fresh vegetables that have been cooking over an fire until it's just done, all the aromas and flavours to blending into one another.

But paradoxically I wouldn't call it a foodie scent, and not a green scent either. I find it comforting and easy to wear, maybe that's because I also cook a lot and take care of my family... It's far from glamorous, but for that Italian 50-ies mother archetype ambience, it's just right.

I'm rating it 4 out of 5.

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